Webb and Warner Weekend for Filler-Corn

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I hear that Bob McDonnell is coming to town - the 41st House of Delegates district, that is - this weekend. The purpose of his visit is to help GOTV for Republican candidate Kerry "You'd Be Crazy To Vote" Bolognese in the final days leading up to the March 2 special election. Countering McDonnell will be Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner for Eileen Filler-Corn. Webb will be in town on Saturday to help encourage people to vote early. Warner will follow on Sunday for a GOTV rally. This is a seat Democrats need to win, for both political and policy reasons. Let's make sure that happens - get out and vote (or make phone calls, knock doors, etc.) for Filler-Corn!

UPDATE Wednesday Morning: The Washington Post has endorsed Filler-Corn for Delegate, noting that "Bolognese's main claim to involvement in state and local issues is that he pays taxes" and that Bolognese "has little personal experience in public affairs in Fairfax or Richmond."