Rasmussen: 65% Approval For McDonnell

Friday, February 19, 2010

We are talking about the strongly Republican-leaning Rasmusssen Reports here, so take this poll with a huge pillar of salt. Still, it seems to be good news for Bob McDonnell that his approval/disapproval rating is at 65%-30%, including 86% among Republicans, 68% among independents, and 44% among Democrats. Other interesting findings include:

*52% think taxes will stay the same under McDonnell, while 26% think they will go up and 22% that they will go down.

*59% of Virginians "agreed with McDonnell that his main priority as governor should be either cutting government spending or reducing taxes."

*45% think that government spending will stay about the same under McDonnell, with 22% saying it will go down and 21% that it will go up.

*Only 10% believe the Commonwealth did a poor job of dealing with the blizzards, while 64% rated the response as good or excellent.

Overall, according to Rasmussen - again, take into account the Republican bias of that outfit - Bob McDonnell's doing well so far in terms of public approval. It will be interesting to see what happens when people start seeing the results of his slash-and-burn policies. So far, however, he seems to be riding high.