A "pretty damned serious indictment of the House Republicans"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Someone emailed me and recommended this article. The emailer wrote: "Wyatt Durrette is a former Republican Delegate, nominee for both Attorney General and Governor of Virginia. His piece is a pretty damned serious indictment of the House Republicans." You can say that again, check this out!
I don’t think she knew that some supported the [microchip] bill for fear that the chips constituted the “Mark” of the “Antichrist.” Why anyone not so afflicted with this delusion would support the bill remains a mystery.

One searches in vain for a sensible reason why anyone could believe such a bill is needed and why one second would be spent on such nonsense when the Commonwealth struggles with gargantuan challenges.

Then there is the highly publicized repeal of the limitation on purchasing more than one hand gun a month. Wow!!! Now talk about legislation that is really needed. It was just reported out of committee and received preliminary approval in the House of Delegates.

How has Virginia survived since the Wilder administration with this monumental restriction on personal liberty infecting our statutes?...
Of course, most of us are well aware that House of Delegates Republicans are a bunch of flat-earth, know-nothing, far-right-wing extremist ideologues, but it's more powerful hearing it from a former Republican nominee for governor and AG of Virginia.