"Mark of the Beast" Bill Killed by Senate

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My only questions with the "Mark of the Beast" bill's demise are: 1) what took so long; and 2) how in hell did this embarrassment get 88 votes (!!!) in the House of Delegates? (it should have been laughed out of there) I've gotta give Dick Saslaw credit on this one for treating this bill with the, uh, respect it deserved.
Saslaw explained that four senators thought the first bill ["Mark of the Beast"] was a solution in search of a problem...

How seriously did the Senate take these two bills? Saslaw formed a new "miscellanous" subcommittee to hear them, to avoid occupying the time of other senators. And the Senate adopted a new practice Tuesday to let bills that fail to pass in subcommittee die forever, without a subsequent hearing by the full committee.
Good riddance.