New Poll: Virginians STRONGLY Support Public Option

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wow, check this out.
Okay, this should really give a boost to those arguing that Dems should pass the public option via reconciliation — for the specific reason that it will make the Senate health reform bill more popular.

A batch of state polls by the non-partisan Research 2000 shows that in multiple states represented by key Dem Senators who will have to decide whether to support reconciliation, the public option polls far better than the Senate bill does, often by lopsided margins.


*In Virginia, only 36% support the Senate bill, while 61% support the public option.
Here are the numbers for Virginia specifically. In addition to the 61% support for the public option, independent voters favor a bill with a public option over a bipartisan bill by a 63%-32% margin, and "Independent voters want Warner to fight harder for the public option" by a 7:1 margin (48%-7%)! Among Democrats, it's even more dramatic, with 80% wanting Warner to fight harder for the public option and just 5% not wanting him to do so. Finally, support for the public option is 62% among Independents, 84% among Democrats and 78% among Obama voters. So much for all the nonsense about voters not wanting a public option; poll after poll shows that this is one of the most popular parts of health care reform. It also is one of the only parts that will "bend the cost curve downwards," something Senator Warner has said is his top priority.

You can contact Sen. Warner and let him know how you feel at (202) 224-2023. Also, please take a moment and sign this petition, which says, "Americans want a good health care bill with a public option, even if it passes with only Democratic votes." Thanks.

P.S. Who knew there were so many "socialists" in Virginia, even among Independents? Ha. :)