A Clean Energy Champion for Senate: Martha Coakley

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Green Miles is in Boston for the weekend. Was just driving down the Southeast Expressway and spotted this new ad on a long-standing windmill. It's for Senate candidate Martha Coakley (D-MA). Here's an image from her primary campaign ad (since updated to Coakley 2010 for the January 19th general election):
Coakley has been endorsed by the Sierra Club & League of Conservation Voters. The ad is especially appropriate since Coakley is a vigorous supporter of wind power, including the Cape Wind project, opposed by wealthy landowners & dirty energy interests. The late Sen. Ted Kennedy was one of my political heroes, but his opposition to Cape Wind wasn't his finest moment.

Coakley's opponent, Scott Brown, doesn't have much going for him, other than his cozy relationship with the teabagging crowd. I'd slam him for having absolutely no plan to address our energy & environmental problems, but it's nothing personal -- Brown's website lists no specific plans at all for any issue. In fact, his "issues page" could be summed up by "whatever solution the Democrats propose, I'll try to stop them!"

Here's hoping Coakley cruises to victory on the January 19th!