I Love the 5th CD Republican Race!

Friday, January 29, 2010

I just received this from Verga for Congress. Gotta love that 5th CD Republican nomination race...if you're a Perriello supporter (which I've proudly been since late 2007/early 2008), that is! :)
Hurt Violates Intent of Ethics Law

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, VA – Today the Attorney General of Virginia issued an opinion that State Senator Robert Hurt may legally raise funds for his congressional account during legislative session. Verga responded to the news, saying "Although it may be legal, it certainly isn't ethical. The American people are tired of career politicians like Senator Hurt who put their personal aspirations above their ethical obligations."

Verga continued: "The intent of Virginia's ethics law is to prevent lobbyists from buying votes. His current position will simply allow special interest groups to influence his voting through donations to his congressional campaign account. If Hurt wishes to be ethical, then he will respect the law's intent and reverse his unfortunate decision."
By the way, I wonder what Cooch's opinion would have been if the case involved a Democrat running for something. I'm sure it would have been totally unbiased. Ha.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, check this out.
In a press release Friday, Congressman Tom Perriello's campaign announced its year-end FEC filing will reflect $1,140,470 raised for the 2010 election cycle, with $874,128 cash on hand for the election year.

Perriello's campaign is running an aggressive, grassroots donor program, raising money from 2,118 individual donors this cycle, 77% of whom are small donors under $200. That is nearly five times as many individual donors as have given to all the Republican candidates in the field combined.