DPVA Is Hiring. Or Not. Or Something.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's been a while since the Democratic Party of Virginia has had an Executive Director, I'm not sure what's taking so long, but here's a recap of what's gone on the past few months.

1. Sometime in early December 2009, after Leigh Anne Collier stepped down (and received a controversial $10,000 bonus payment), a formal notice went out from DPVA, seeking applications for this ED position, with a deadline of something like December 27.

2. Reportedly, at least 20 or so applications were submitted by that December deadline.

3. Between late December 2009 and early to mid January 2010, the list was pared down to 6 or so, and the remaining applicants were told they had not made the cut.

4. A meeting was scheduled for the weekend of January 16-17 to review the 6 or so candidates then in the running.

5. I was first told that Jody Wagner for LG's campaign manager, Elisabeth Pearson, was the frontrunner for the job. Then I was told that Dick Cranwell was trying to bring back Levar Stoney as executive director, but that there was strong opposition.

6. The next news on this was the job notice I just saw - application deadline February 15 - and that I posted below. What on earth happened? Were all of the 6 or so remaining applicants rejected? It's very strange. More broadly, what on earth is going on at DPVA these days?