Bob McDonnell Previews State of the Union Response

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nice job by Ryan Nobles of NBC12.
Same things I've been talking about on the campaign trail and in my few days as being government, the need to promote economic development, job creation by tax and regulatory incentives, promoting the energy industry, reform in education, and just a better balance of federalism between the states and federal government. I think Washington is trying to do too much, too fast, invading the provinces of the state, and I think there's other governors that believe the same thing. And to help contrast at least some of the philosophical and practical differences between Republicans and Democrats. But I intend to keep it positive, cite positive things about the president on education reform; his charter schools, Race to the Top program is great, and I think we have a lot of common ground.


Well, I'm not gonna be able to upstage the president of the United States, the leader of the free world. I just have a rare opportunity, at the request of Senator McConnell and Congressman Boehner, to provide a little bit of the Republican philosophy, and how our ideas for governing would lead to better opportunity and prosperity. We've decided to use a backdrop in the Capitol as opposed to just a standing, talking head looking at the camera that will provide a little bit better background, a little more interaction. So, I'm looking forward to it, it's a very nice privilege for me, but I intend to focus a lot about what we're doing right in Virginia, and what the states can do better than the Federal government, in being closer to the people.

UPDATE: Later in the interview, Nobles presses McDonnell on same sex benefits. McDonnell totally dodges it, says he's getting advice from the Attorney General's office, says he just hasn't "taken a serious look at it" yet but he'll "get to that eventually."

On transportation, McDonnell talks about opening rest stops, issuing $500 million in transportation bonds, increasing the speed limit to 70 miles per hour, "dedicating revenue growth over 3% to transportation," "authorizing some additional general funds and some surplus revenues to go to transportation," and offshore drilling proceeds ("even though that won't kick in for maybe four or five years, I understand that").