Tom Perriello: I Loooooooove Cow Manure!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Excellent speech from Tom Perriello, reminds me a bit of another Virginia politician who talked about manure all the time. :)
...Spending $1 billion every day on oil that goes overseas to some of the countries that hate us the most is one of the dumbest strategies imaginable. A billion dollars every day, out of this country. And let me brag on Southside Virginia before I go on. Because we are at the cutting edge of the new energy economy. Just last week, we worked with one of the biggest in the state and we are going to turn cow manure into power. So, instead of having all the effluents go off into the Chesapeake Bay and annoy neighbors with the smell and be a costly thing that makes milk more expensive, we're going to invest in an anaerobic digester that is going to turn that into power, not only fuel the entire farm but also much of the town around it.

I say to farmers, who say how are my kids going to make it with the utility bills that these monopoly utilities are jacking up on us, 93% increase in my area in the last 5 years, I say I don't want you to have a power bill at all. In 5 years, I hope you're selling power in the same way that you sell milk today...

P.S. In all seriousness, Tom Perriello really "gets it" on energy issues. Unlike any of the Republicans running against him, that's for sure.