Sen. Houck: "What is our governor's plan?" "Tell us!"

Saturday, January 30, 2010

UPDATE: The Virginia Senate Democrats, in their infinite wisdom, apparently have decided to take down this video. Must make nice with Bob McDonnell, apparently, so their great working relationship can...oh, forget it!

Sen. Edd Houck (D-Spotsylvania) speaking Thursday about how Gov. McDonnell has not told legislators how he'd close an enormous, $4.2 billion gap in Virginia's state budget. So far, all we've gotten from McDonnell is gimmicks and cuts, combined with millions of dollars in new spending on McDonnell's pet projects (aka, "corporate welfare") - wine, film, and tourism promotion. As Houck says:
Are we up to the challenge? Have we got the political stamina to do what we know has to be done?...What's the plan? What is our governor's plan to address the second $2 billion by proclamating...? What is the plan to address the second $2 [billion]? Tell us!

Yeah, that would sure be nice.

P.S. If anyone has video of the complete speech, I'd love to see it.