Amazing Barack Obama Meeting With House Republicans

Friday, January 29, 2010

This was truly incredible, I am very much looking forward to posting the complete video. For now, here are a few "tweets" about Barack Obama's meeting this afternoon, televised live, with House Republicans at their retreat in Baltimore.

UPDATE: CSPAN has the complete video.

UPDATE: Check out the reaction, this is awesome. Also, a bit off topic, but Luke Russert really is impressive here, somewhat reminds me of his father - in a good way.

*teacherken "watching replay on C-Span of Obama and the Republicans. His command of facts is superb. He is schooling Pence."

*JeffreyFeldman "And, he's done. An amazing moment. Let's see how much the Andrea Mitchells of America can now butcher it."

*marcambinder "POLI-GAZM -- Obama takes on Frank Luntz's polling!!!"

*JeffreyFeldman "If Obama succeeds in convincing the House GOP to be deliberative rather than destructive--I'll eat my laptop."

*ezraklein "Amazed that Obama knows offhand that Ryan wants Medicare vouchers. More amazed he can explain it offhand. This is a command performance."

*aterkel "Obama just challenged Republicans to a fact-check-off."

*stevesingiser "Fox News currently praying for more on the Edwards sex tape so their nightly talkers don't have to confront this tonight."

*JeffreyFeldman "This is new--this is something happening right now. Obama is getting ANGRY at Hensarling. Amazing."

*lowkell "I'm amazed at Barack Obama, how cool he is dealing with people who 'want him to fail.'"

*JeffreyFeldman "Obama keeps pushing "tone of civility," but what the GOP wants is to NOT be act like minority party--so they hold the system hostage."

*marcambinder "How effective is this for POTUS: Fox News Channel just cut away from it."

*DavidCornDC: "O agrees to stay longer. "I'm having fun." He can smell the political win here."

*jaketapper "POTUS says GOPers demonize him so much, makes it tough for them to negotiate and get things done without risking support w/GOP base"

*ezraklein "Obama's Q&A with the House Republicans is the most compelling political television I've seen...maybe ever."

*jmartpolitico "Nice line from POTUS: GOPers would have ya think hc bill was "some Bolshevik plot." Compares it to what GOPers in Clinton era proposed."

*chucktodd: "President should hold Congressional "town halls" more often. Public needs to see this if they'll ever trust washington again"

*marisamcnee @benpolitico "the format certainly favors Obama....and the complaining from the GOP seems petty."

*celticdiva "On MSNBC--Obama (politely) dismantling arguments from GOP House during question/answer at their own function"

*LarrySabato "That is precisely how Obama sees himself--a pragmatist. D left agrees & hates it. But some Rs in audience laughed. They see O as socialist."

*LarrySabato "Fascinating exchange between POTUS & GOP House caucus ongoing now, live TV. The most revealing Obama comment: "I am not an ideologue!"

*Atrios "can't believe republicans agreed to this format"

*brandonenglish "I LOVE Obama taking qs at the GOP retreat. Its like prime minister's questions! Could you imagine Bush doing this?"

*ProgressivePam "It is so sad that the President has to scold the GOP like spoiled kids. Even sadder, is GOP still doesn't get it."