Snowfall Totals vs. Forecasts

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Here are the forecast snowfall totals from Saturday morning (F=Saturday morning forecast) vs. the actual snowfall totals as reported this morning (A=Sunday morning actual) by the National Weather Service and local newspapers,. Overall, it looks like the Saturday morning forecasts were pretty close, although the forecasts from Thursday or Friday were almost certainly too low. Anyway, enjoy the snow!

Arlington (F): 3-5 inches
Arlington (A): 4.0-6.4 inches

Charlottesville (F): 6-10 inches
Charlottesville (A): 6 inches

Danville (F): 4-8 inches
Danville (A): 5-6 inches

Fairfax (F): 3-5 inches
Fairfax (A): 2-7 inches

Lynchburg (F): 6-10 inches
Lynchburg (A): 8-11.3 inches

Norfolk (F): 6-12 inches
Norfolk (A): 5.5 inches at the airport

Richmond (F): 7-13 inches
Richmond (A): 9.5-11.4 inches

Roanoke (F): 7-11 inches
Roanoke (A): 9.1-9.5 inches

Staunton (F): 5-9 inches
Staunton (A): 7 inches

Virginia Beach (F): 6-12 inches
Virginia Beach (A): 9 inches

Warrenton (F): 4-6 inches
Warrenton (A): Around 6 inches a few miles south (in Opal)

Winchester (F): 1-3 inches
Winchester (A): 5 inches