Obama Slams Supreme Court's Campaign Finance Ruling

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I couldn't agree more with President Obama on this. This Supreme Court, with its 5 conservative votes, would allow corporations and powerful special interests to rule our country if they had their way. Let's not let them get away with it.
With its ruling today, the Supreme Court has given a green light to a new stampede of special interest money in our politics. It is a major victory for big oil, Wall Street banks, health insurance companies and the other powerful interests that marshal their power every day in Washington to drown out the voices of everyday Americans. This ruling gives the special interests and their lobbyists even more power in Washington — while undermining the influence of average Americans who make small contributions to support their preferred candidates. That's why I am instructing my Administration to get to work immediately with Congress on this issue. We are going to talk with bipartisan Congressional leaders to develop a forceful response to this decision. The public interest requires nothing less.

UPDATE: Krystal Ball nails it. Great work!
Dear Lowell,

A divided ruling came out of the Supreme Court today which threatens each of our voices in the political process. The 5-4 decision ruled that the government may no longer ban political spending by corporations in Federal candidate elections, opening the airwaves to enormous spending by special interests. While you and I are limited in the financial investments we can make in candidate campaigns, corporations are now granted the opportunity to spend billions promoting their interests to elect politicians who don’t speak for us.

Donate $500, $250, $100 or $50 today to show that we have our own voice. We won't let corporate interests speak for us!

We saw how corporate interests manipulated the healthcare debate. We don’t need those same corporate interests buying elections as well. I believe our right to free speech as a part of the democratic process is far more important than the voice special interests are now permitted to buy.

We won’t let corporate interests buy our political process. Donate $500, $250, $100 or $50 today to make your voice heard!

I am convinced that if we speak together our voice will be heard. Thank you so much for your continued commitment to our campaign.


Krystal Ball
Candidate, U.S. Congress (VA-01)

P.S. Contribute $500, $250, $100 or $50 today to make your voice heard!