Krystal Ball Praises Perriello, Nicks Nye

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Check out Krystal Ball's interview earlier today with Bill Press, about halfway through. Great stuff!
You're absolutely right about Virginia, it's been very interesting. We have in particular two freshman congressman, both young guys, first time in office, Congressman Nye and Congressman Perriello. Tom Perriello has been phenomenal, he's representing a very red district, he won by just a couple hundred votes, and he has really stayed true to his convictions [Bill Press: "great guy"] and voted...he's wonderful, I really admire him; and he voted for health care, he voted for cap and trade, he voted to extend unemployment [insurance]...and I think he is in a much stronger position going into 2010 than Congressman Nye, who's been on the other side of all those issues. Because, first and foremost, people really respect, on either side of the aisle, people really respect someone who stands for something, who sticks to their convictions, believes in something and goes out there and does what they think is right...

...if you are running for Congress, you are responsible for getting your people excited and showing up. I think Congressman Perriello is in a much better position to have more enthusiastic supporters, people who are gonna go out and work for him and show up at the polls. Whereas Congressman Nye, there is a lot of apathy among the Democrats in his district. My district is adjacent to his, so we share some of the same localities, and people are not happy with him, so it will be really interesting to see how that pans out.
I couldn't have said it better myself. Go Krystal!