Top McCain Aide on Sarah Palin: "She Knows Nothing"

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Hill writes:
Sarah Palin was an unprepared, uninformed Vice Presidential candidate who repeatedly made false statements in public, according to a top McCain campaign aide.

In a 60 Minutes segment based on John Heilemann's and Mark Halperin's new book, "Game Change," McCain's senior adviser Steve Schmidt recounts some devastating anecdotes about Palin from the campaign trail.


Heilemann and Halperin report that the campaign soon realized that Palin was woefully uninformed on basic issues of U.S. history and politics.

"Her foreign policy tutors are literally taking her through, 'This is World War I, this is World War II, this is the Korean War," Heilemann told 60 Minutes. "This is the--how the Cold War worked. Steve Schmidt had gone to them and said, 'She knows nothing.'"
Remind me again, whose insane idea was it to put Sarah Palin potentially "a heartbeat away" from the Presidency?