Daily Beast Drops the "Ball" on Krystal

Saturday, January 23, 2010

How many mistakes can you make in one paragraph? See this article by The Daily Beast to find out.

1. "Krystal Ball, a 27-year-old mother of two..."
WRONG! Krystal is the mother of one child, a daughter named Ella, born March 3, 2008.

2. "running for the House from Virginia’s 6th District..."
WRONG! Krystal's running in the 1st CD. The 6th CD is clear across the state, on the border with West Virginia, from the 1st CD. Close! :)

3. "...faces an uphill battle against incumbent Republican Bob Goodlatte..."
WRONG! The 1st CD is (mis)represented by Rob Wittman, not Bob Goodlatte.

4. "..Ball excites people because she has the guts to run in a tough district, and to do so at a tender age...
FINALLY CORRECT! Congratulations, Daily Beast, you guys rock!! LOL