"Joe the Plumber" Campaigns for Laurence Verga

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Video courtesy of 220 South. Go Laurence Verga! :)

According to "Joe the Plumber":

*He came to campaign for Laurence Verga, in part, "because you like to smoke anywhere you want," in part "because you like to drive big V8 trucks that just smog up the atmosphere and leave a big carbon footprint." (alright, go Laurence Verga, let's have smoke and smog everywhere!)
*"There's no American spirit left." (see the next bullet point for how "Joe the Plumber" defines that spirit)
*"American patriotism is huge, Americans were kicking ass and taking names for 200 years, and we need to get back to that frame of mind." (yeah, America is all about "kicking ass," that's what I'm proud of!)
*"I hate being a victim in my own country...taking my shoes off, being checked and everything else, we're allowing these little terrorists, punk terrorists, to dictate what I do in my own country." (uh, you'd rather have no airport security? brilliant)
*"War's not pretty, but I mean do it, do it hard, do it fast and get it done." (again, the answer to everything is "kicking ass")
*"America was founded on God." (actually, many of the founders were deists, theists, etc., including Thomas Jefferson who wrote the anti-supernatural "Jefferson Bible")
*"I'm pretty black and white...right is right, wrong is wrong, period, end of story." (well, that explains a lot; at least he admits that it's just "easier" to live in a black-and-white world)
*"The constitution is right now as it was when it was written; no changes have ever been made to it, it's perfect and I do not need a lawyer to interpret it for me." (uh, did you ever hear about "amendments?")
*"Me, I'm not running for anything right now, I hope to god, god doesn't take me down that path one day." (I'll gladly join Mr. "The Plumber" in that prayer!)
*"I don't like abortion, I'll never vote for anything when it comes to abortion." (I don't know anybody who likes abortion, the question is whether it should be legal in certain circumstances or not)
*"I own about 5 guns, I don't own enough, I want more." (so who's stopping you "Joe?")
*"I don't believe in same sex marriage, you know, if you want to do that stuff, you leave it at home, it has no bearing in mainstream public life." (so much for social libertarianism; instead, "Joe the Plumber" says that if you don't like "that stuff," you should discriminate against the people who do it)
*"You shouldn't even know what [Nancy Pelosi] looks like...these guys should be working in the background to make our lives better instead of worse." (ban CSPAN!!! lol)
*"I don't like being in the spotlight...but this is more important [than plumbing] right now."