McDonnell To Cover "six major themes" in SOTU Response

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bearing Drift reports:
[Bob] McDonnell will highlight six major themes [in his State of the Union response tonight] in approximately ten minutes in front of about 300 invited guests who will be seated behind him on risers. In McDonnell’s “positive, upbeat, and consistent manner”, he will talk about education, energy, jobs, national security, health care and government spending, said Tucker Martin, McDonnell’s spokesman.

“We don’t have sixty minutes like the president, so we can’t get into the weeds,” said Martin. “But the speech’s language will be clear and concise, and, if you have followed Bob McDonnell, you will know this speech.”
Let me guess: limited government, tax cuts, no "government takeover" of healthcare, federalism/states' rights, spending=bad, drill baby drill! Did I miss anything? One thing's for sure, McDonnell can't possibly do worse than Bobby Jindal's disastrous SOTU response a year ago. Actually, my guess is that McDonnell will do very well tonight, as he's generally an excellent public speaker. Now, whether what he has to say makes any sense or not...well, that's a totally different question.

By the way, Bearing Drift will have podcast interviews with Rep. Rob Wittman and Rep. J. Randy Forbes following the speeches. I'm not sure either one of those guys has anything worthwhile to say, but I'm sure JR Hoeft will do an excellent job in the interviews as he always does.