No, Wagner Campaign Did NOT Say Deeds is Withdrawing

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

According to Republican blogger Jason Kenney, "Last night at their Richmond office kick off, Jody Wagner staffers told Bearing Drift that Creigh Deeds was withdrawing from the Democratic race for Governor." That intrigued me, so I checked with my sources. First, here's the statement the Wagner campaign sent me:
At no point did anyone associated with the Wagner campaign make this assertion. We’re fortunate to have three great candidates for Governor. All three are running great campaigns and Jody would be honored to be on the ballot with any of them.
In other words, so much for THAT "story." Just to be absolutely sure, however, I checked with the Deeds campaign as well. Appropriately enough they were too busy working to elect their candidate than to waste their time commenting on this nonsense. But hey, I can understand why Virginia Republicans might want to distract peoples' attention from their own party's disarray by spreading false rumors about one of the Democratic gubernatorial candidates. Next time, perhaps they might actually consider writing a "story" that remotely corresponded to what we Democrats call "fact" and "reality."

UPDATE: Kudos to Jason Kenney for printing an "Editor's Update" with the Wagner campaign's flat denial of this story. Also, I'm glad to see this: "We are seeking to find out why there is a difference in what was reported and what the campaign is saying." Nice job.