"What Happens When a Democrat Shows Some Backbone"

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tim Fernholz at The American Prospect nails it.
...Public Policy Polling finds that [Tom Perriello]'s tied up with the current Republican front-runner. Perriello would also tie his last opponent, former Rep. Virgil Goode, if the erstwhile GOPer chose to run as an independent.


Most importantly, as Dave Weigel comments over the tweets, "Perriello is out there campaigning all the time. The wimpy retiring Dems don't want to work for it." It's true, and it should be a lesson for other Democrats in tough districts. It's possible to maintain support if you're willing to stand up for your principles and work hard to get your message out. It sounds like Politics 101, but so many Dems in seats like these are retiring or offering weak-tea conservative compromises that don't differentiate them from the other party. The rest of the majority caucus could learn from one of its younger members.
Will they learn? Of course not. But should they? Of course.