VA GOP Mocks Bob McDonnell's Position on Global Warming

Friday, February 5, 2010

Psoted by The Green Miles

Here's Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell on global warming:
"I think it's a real concern, and we need to find ways to be able to reduce (carbon dioxide) emissions," [McDonnell] told reporters after a rally with Sen. John McCain in Virginia Beach. "Well, there's some debate that various scientists are going on. I think the temperature of the earth, from the science I've seen, has gone up and what we need to do is promote reductions" in carbon dioxide.
Well, the Republican Party of Virginia is out with a new video sticking it to that Al Gore-loving, treehugging Bob McDonnell by mocking the whole concept of global warming. Why? Because it's snowing! Get it? HA! Never mind that 2009 was the 2nd-hottest year on record, or that the '00s were the hottest decade on record.

I wonder what that science-listening Bob McDonnell's position on evolution is? Hey RPV, I smell a web video ...

UPDATE 2/9: The original video was mysteriously deleted. We here at Blue Virginia have helpfully found the re-posted video for you: