Swift Boat Boy Gets Frustrated, Lashes Out At 5th CD Tea Partiers

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our old friend Chris "Swift Boat Boy" LaCivita is at it again.
Among the most tested will be the winner of the Republican primary in Virginia's 5th District, a conservative-leaning region where six candidates are running for the chance to face freshman Democratic Rep. Tom Perriello, who narrowly won in 2008.

State Sen. Robert Hurt, the onetime favorite, has failed to lock up support from the conservative "tea party" groups who take issue with his vote for a major tax increase. But even the tea party followers haven't aligned behind a single candidate.

Chris LaCivita, Hurt's campaign strategist, expressed his own frustration with the crop of newcomers. With this group, "if you can walk and chew gum at the same time, you think you can be a member of Congress," he said.
To put it mildly, LaCivita's remark didn't go over too well with Tea Partiers in the 5th CD. For instance, check this out:
Here is a group of challengers to what LaCivita seems to think is Hurt’s birthright, a group of very successful people that do not deserve to be denigrated by a sleaze like LaCivita. It is time that Senator Hurt get rid of this man who is bringing politics in the 5th district to a new low.
Of course, we shouldn't be surprised at what LaCivita said when we consider his previous antics:

*"During the 2002 midterm elections, LaCivita was the political director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. LaCivita was the direct supervisor of James Tobin, another former employee of the DCI Group. In 2005, Tobin was sentenced to 10 months in federal prison for his role in the 2002 NH phone jamming scandal for his activities during that campaign..."

*"LaCivita is also a one-time employee of the Republican political consulting firm DCI Group, which has close ties both to Progress for America and to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. During the 2004 US Presidential campaign, LaCivita was principal media advisor to the Swift Boat Veterans, writing & producing commercials for them."

*" LaCivita also served as general consultant to Senator Bob Corker's successful primary campaign in Tennessee, as well as the general consultant for Senator George Allen."

*"Interviewed in March, 2007, LaCivita told reporters that the GOP could silence the press uproar over the sudden dismissal of eight US Attorneys by promoting stories about the most extreme among anti-Bush activists. 'When are we going to make it about Code Pink and the rest of the liberal weirdos controlling the Democrat agenda?' he asked."

Given this background, there's no reason any of us should be surprised at LaCivita's comments. The only real question is, does Sen. Robert Hurt agree with LaCivita? If not, will he take any action?

P.S. LaCivita was also a consultant on the Kookinelli for AG campaign.