Steve Shannon Rebuts Ken Cuccinelli's "weird email rants" on Global Warming

Friday, February 12, 2010

This Monday, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli distributed his latest "Cuccinelli Compass." In this edition, Cooch ranted about the "baseless attacks" against him during last year's campaign, specifically that he was "attacked for not 'believing' (that’s the word they used) in man-made global warming." According to Cooch, now holding one of the most powerful positions in Virginia, global warming is apparently disproven because he can "look out the window at 30+ inches of global snowing." Cooch finds that "eco-funny...or not so funny." Hahahahahahaha. Ha.

Anyway, I asked Cooch's Democratic opponent in the AG race, Steve Shannon, if he had any comment on the "thoughts" (using the term loosely) in Cooch's latest "Compass." Here's what Shannon had to say. Enjoy.
You would think that Virginia’s new Attorney General would spend his first year in office proving to people that he’s capable by focusing on issues that actually matter to Virginians.

Instead he’s spending time on weird email rants about issues in last year’s election. Take, for example, this week’s focus on attacking the existence of climate change.

It’s an odd paradigm, this Palin-esque worldview that Attorney General Cuccinelli now follows: Facts in the way? Shout over them. No practicing climate scientist supporting your “skepticism” on climate change? No worries, question their motives. The Chinese passing us in developing clean renewable energy? Drill, baby, drill.

With our multi-billion dollar state budget shortfall and areas of Virginia with 20% unemployment, we need all our statewide officials looking for opportunities to grow our economy and to lead on real issues that matter to people. Clean energy can generate thousands of jobs in Virginia, which are desperately needed and absolutely attainable.

Instead of spending time slugging it out with ideological straw men, leaders from other states are spending their time diversifying their economies, seeking out, fostering and growing new energy industries. It’s what our leaders should be doing to keep Virginia’s economy the treasure that it’s been.

At stake are good jobs, cutting-edge research and development opportunities at our public universities, and national economic leadership that states such as New Jersey, Ohio and Michigan are after. These states have had at least as rough a time in this Great Recession as Virginia. Their leaders see that the only way out is forward. We have the same opportunities for Virginia’s economy, but we have to move forward too.

Then there’s the opportunity to cut off our dependence on foreign energy sources controlled by dictators who hate America. Talk about opportunity costs!

Admittedly, this sort of leadership probably won't get you a lot of attention from far-right talk show hosts. But leading is what we need leaders to do.

As a statewide official, the new Attorney General has access to the resources he needs to make a real difference in the lives of Virginians. It’s not going to happen without him realizing the responsibilities he now has. The rest of are counting on him to do this for our kids’ future.