Sen. Janet Howell: Past Time for McDonnell to Do the Job He Was Elected To Do

Monday, February 8, 2010

The other day, it was Sen. Donald McEachin (D-9) delivering an excellent speech on the budget and Bob McDonnell's lack of leadership. Today, it was Sen. Janet Howell (D-32). The last minute of Sen. Howell's speech is particularly good, here's the transcript.
I implore Governor McDonnell to give us guidance on how he wants us to balance the budget. HE has put us in a box. He has said he will veto any tax increase. He insists the car tax reimbursements continue. He knows the Virginia Constitution requires a balanced budget with no deficit spending. He has boxed us in so that the only choice is cutting vital state services.

Three months ago Robert McDonnell was elected our Governor. He has had three months to formulate a balanced budget. ALL his predecessors lived up to that clear responsibility. The people of Virginia deserve to know HOW he will live up to his election promises. They deserve to know which state programs he wants us to cut. It is time, it is past time, for the Governor to do the job he asked the voters to elect him to do.
Preach it, Senator Howell!