Go 11 MPH Over 70 MPH Speed Limit, Go To Jail?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Uh oh.
Virginia has long been known for its powerful laws designed to protect their roadways. The Commonwealth’s reckless driving statute can land someone in jail just for speeding. The law reads that anyone caught going 20 miles over the speed limit will be guilty of violating the reckless driving law. However the law has a cap of 80 mph, regardless of what the speed limit is. At this point there is no legislation submitted that would move the reckless driving cap up. That means if you find yourself going a mere 11 miles over the speed limit in one of these new 70 mph zones, you could be facing a fine of as much as $2,500 or even jail time.
Not cool, you say? Well, here's some good news to think about while you're paying your $2,500 fine or sitting in jail. Heh.
While this new addition to Virginia transportation could catch unsuspecting drivers, it could be a huge boon to the State’s coffers. Hundreds of miles of new roads will now have a speed zone that leaves a smaller window for people to make a mistake that could mean a hefty fine. That could mean that the Commonwealth stands to bring in a bunch of new money. It won’t be enough to solve Virginia’s budget woes, but in difficult times, every little bit helps.
P.S. We haven't even discussed the traffic accident and fatality implications of raising the speed limit. Another topic for another time...