Doug Wilder: Praises Howard Dean, Says DNC Job Not Right "Fit" For Tim Kaine

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I've got to say, as much as Doug Wilder is an insufferable egomaniac, he is certainly entertaining. Here, Wilder elaborates on his previously stated view that Tim Kaine isn't cutting it as DNC Chair (I remain agnostic on this point, although I certainly would not be displeased with President Obama if he decided to make changes at the DNC and/or at the White House). He also goes out of his way to praise Howard Dean and his tenure as DNC Chair. Check it out, while always keeping in mind that with Doug Wilder, it's all about Doug Wilder.
To the extent that Tim Kaine has been there for a period of time to show what he could do, it hasn't been productive. And a lot of people are saying privately what I'm saying publicly...As I said, I have a great deal of respect for Tim Kaine, but I don't think this is the fit for him in terms of the challenges of the party. Look at the previous chairman, Howard Dean, with the kinds of results that were shown. He was gotten rid of, why I don't know, I'm not suggesting that he come back. But like everything else, if you had a team that losing and losing, you start looking to the top.

That's why it's important for the president likewise to reorchestrate and reordinate the people who are advising him, so that you don't keep making mistake after mistake after mistake. After a while, the buck stops with you...the qualifications are there for something, but is [Kaine] the person that is going to be engaged in the grassroots organization and getting the people who are involved with making campaigns and making organizations work? Is he going to be doing that? If so, has that been done? If not, why not? And so it's not a question of questioning his capabilities to perform, but for this job, is it the right person for the job?