Danville Newspaper: Perriello Works a Double for the 5th

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Posted by The Green Miles

Virginia's 5th Congressional district was drawn by Republicans for a Republican. But what are Republicans offering 5th district voters in 2010? According to last night's debate:
Drastically cut the federal government. Privatize Social Security. Finish building a wall to keep out illegal immigrants. Eliminate most federal taxes and replace them with a national sales tax.
So it's not surprising that Rep. Tom Perriello continues to defy the odds with his principled centrism:
In his first year in Congress, Perriello has worked on behalf of veterans, green energy jobs and, like Goode, he has helped to steer federal dollars to Fifth District projects. He has voted against President Barack Obama on some issues and supported gun rights and worked against federal funding for abortion. But he has also voted for the federal stimulus, cap and trade and a health care bill.

His opponents are stumbling over one another to get rid of him. They may succeed. We shifted our longtime support from [former Rep. Virgil] Goode to Perriello two years ago because it became clear that Goode, for whatever reason, no longer believed he could be effective in Washington. Perriello had no such qualms about “working a double shift” for the Fifth District. He has done that — and more — over the past year. “Tom Perriello is a man of principle,” said Bradley Rees, a Bedford County FairTax advocate, blogger, radio host and possible independent congressional candidate. “He will come out and state his principles on any given agenda item and you can expect him to vote that way … I admire his principles. I admire his stance on what he believes. I just happen to not believe the same thing.”
With the Republican primary looking like the battle of Pearl Harbor as re-enacted by the Batley townswomen's guild, the editorial concludes, "If any Democrat can win in 2010, it's Perriello."