Will Tea Partiers Hold a "Conservative Convention" in the 5th CD?

Monday, January 4, 2010

It's looking more and more likely (bolding added by me for emphasis).
Republican Congressional Candidate – and recently endorsed Liberty Candidate 2010 – Mike McPadden is calling on his fellow conservative candidates to join him in endorsing and supporting a “US House of Representatives VA-5 Conservative Convention” to nominate one conservative to run against Robert Hurt in the June 8th Republican Fifth District Primary.

Inside the Fifth District the idea of a Conservative Convention is gaining traction. Outside the Fifth District national grass roots organizers have offered to fund the Conservative Fifth District Convention in March or April.

According to Mike McPadden, what has precipitated this call is that in December, Tea Party Patriots, Grass Root Republicans, and other conservatives spoke loud and clear to have a nominating convention instead of a very costly primary. Unfortunately their hopes were dashed when the leadership of the Fifth District voted by secret ballot for a primary.

McPadden says, “We must do everything we can to ensure out in the open that our next Congressman is a strict Constitutionalist who upholds the conservative values of lower taxes and limited government.”

Convinced that uniting in a Conservative Convention will bring about a positive outcome, McPadden states, “The grass roots of the Republican Party will have their voices heard and their votes counted. Second, deliberately narrowing the Fifth District field to two candidates will increase the odds that a conservative will win the nomination. And third, it could turn the tide of moderate leanings from within the Republican Party and restore the ‘Big Tent’ party of Reagan to its conservative moorings.”
Awesome, I agree with Heartland of Virginia, which says "more power to them" and that "this is great for the Democrats and their candidate, Congressman Tom Perriello." I just hope these "Tea Party" revolts break out all across America and help reelect great Democrats like Tom Perriello!