Could the DC "Bag Fee" Catch On In Virginia?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Del. Adam Ebbin is proposing that Virginia impose "5-cent fees on disposable paper and plastic bags at stores, after the District this month became the first major city in the nation to impose such a fee." According to Del. Ebbin, "the proposal would represent a consumer choice, since shoppers can decide whether to invest in the [Virginia Water Quality Improvement Fund], adding that there is a 'rising consumer interest in protecting the environment.'"

I strongly agree with Del. Ebbin on environmental grounds, but I'm extremely skeptical that this measure, or anything that remotely resembles a dreaded "tax," will pass the flat-earth-Republican-controlled House of Delegates, let alone be signed into law by the Bob McAbramoff administration. However, I commend Del. Ebbin for at least trying to make Virginia a bit less wasteful and polluting place.

P.S. Cue the wails of outrage from Republicans arguing that the world will end if they are forced - FORCED! - to pay 5 cents per bag. Of course, they could - god forbid - purchase reusable bags so they don't have to pay any tax at all. That would be too logical, though.