Yes, It Really IS Warm Out There

Monday, January 18, 2010

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Now look at the rightmost end of the graph. That's where we were on Saturday, January 16, 2010. After adjusting for normal seasonal effects, it's the hottest day globally in the history of recorded temperature measurement. Prior to this week, the record had been held by March 9, 2004, an anomaly of .54 degrees (compared to the 1998-2010 average). It was nearly matched on July 19, 2009. But the record was decisively broken twice this week, first on Friday, when the anomaly reached .72 degrees, and again on Saturday, when it reached .75 degrees.

Another disturbing trend: the black line, which is the regression line for the series, has a slope indicating an increase of over 4°C per century.

It's gonna be a hot one.
Yes it is going to be a hot one - actually, it already is if you look at the earth as a whole, not just your own backyard on a particular day - no matter what the global warming deniers say. The following video explains it extremely well. Of course, these are all "facts" (those pesky things!), so if you're a diehard denier, don't let them bother you, simply carry on your merry way. As for the rest of us? Be afraid. Be very afraid.