Washington Post Again Demonstrates Why It Shouldn't Be Taken Seriously

Friday, January 15, 2010

This op-ed by Washington Post editorial writer Lee Hockstader once again demonstrates why the Washington Post should not and can not be taken seriously. Check this out.
Virginia Democrats are spinning their win in a special election to fill a vacant state senate seat in Fairfax County this week as a great victory, one that will stanch the recent surge of Republican victories. They wish. In fact, their wafer-thin margin in a race that by any logic should have been blow-out is more evidence that the Democrats remain in deep trouble.
That's right, Democrats won a crucial victory on Tuesday, increasing their majority to 22-18 in the state Senate, so obviously now Democrats are "in deep trouble." C'mon, don't you see the logic there? It's so clear! (snark)

Seriously, though, this is what Lee Hockstader is arguing, that winning is losing, up is down, black is white, etc. I mean, just imagine what Hockstader would be writing if Democrats had lost on Tuesday; it boggles the mind! Heh.

By the way, before mouthing off about Virginia politics, which he knows absolutely nothing about, Mr. Hockstader might want to have his crack team at the Post do a bit of research. If they did, perhaps they'd prevent embarrassing errors like this: "All 40 seats in the state Senate will be up for grabs this November. Be afraid, Virginia Democrats, be very afraid."

Uh, try November 2011 NOT November 2010. As in, 1 year and 10 months from now. As in, huge difference. As in, the entire political climate will likely be totally different by then. As in, whatever...this is the Washington Post we're talking about.

P.S. For another example of the Post's pathetic-ness, see the idiocy spewed by "skeptical" anti-environmentalist Bjorn Lomberg in the editorial pages today. What a bunch of drivel, distortions and lies. And don't miss Charles Krauthammer's latest looniness, in which he claims that Barack Obama's poll numbers have declined (from stratospheric highs when he took office) not first and foremost because of the economy - correct answer! - but because of "the health-care drive." OK, time to go back to reading the hard news section of the Post - the comics.

UPDATE: The online edition of the Post ended up striking out the word "this" and replacing it with "next." I guess the crack Washington Post research team finally got around to reading Hockstader's article.