Tom Perriello Gets A Shoutout From President Obama

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm very happy to see this.
"This is not the last health care bill ever passed," he said.

"Once we have a final bill, we can really talk about how it's going to help all Americans," Obama told the caucus. "This is something that will last. You'll look back and say this is one of the most significant accomplishments you've ever made."

At one point, Obama turned to members in vulnerable districts, including Reps. Tom Periello (D-VA) and Steve Driehaus (D-OH), to offer his appreciation and support.

"You've had to take tough votes. I understand it. I really appreciate it. The country is better off because of these tough votes you've taken. I want you to know I'm behind you 100 percent."
I couldn't agree more; Tom Perriello has taken a number of courageous votes the past year, arguably doing more for this country and his district in 12 months than Virgil Goode did in 12 years in Congress. Great work, now it's time to reelect Rep. Perriello for another 2 years. Go Tom!