Susan Mariner For Virginia Beach Dem's Chair!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This evening at 7 pm, the Virginia Beach Democratic Committee will elect a new chair for 2010-2012. The candidates are Sylvia Ellis and Susan Mariner. I strongly endorse Susan for this job. My reasoning?

First, ever since I met Susan in early 2006 during the early days of the Webb for Senate campaign, I have been extremely impressed with her energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and professionalism. From Netroots Rising, here's an example of Susan in action:
Another successful grassroots initiative came from Susan Mariner, one of the best Webb volunteers of the entire campaign. Her clever invention -- some would say stroke of genius -- was the “Webb Wagons.” On August 7, Mariner took a Roadmaster red steel-bed children's wagon, decorated it with Webb stickers, and filled it with Webb goodies. That weekend, Virginia Beach was holding a large event, the Princess Anne Park Arts and Crafts Festival. No political "tabling, was allowed, which prevented Allen's campaign from showing up and campaigning. Fortunately, it didn't stop the Webb volunteers led by Susan Mariner. As Mariner wrote on Raising Kaine, "Allen's camp didn't show at this major event," but Webb volunteers "spread the word about Jim to thousands of people at the event this weekend, distributing smiles, literature, bumper stickers [which] we put into our newly constructed 'Webb Wagons.'"

The wagons were a big hit and highly effective; they functioned as mobile tabling units and "generated a lot of attention for Webb from folks of all ages." Mariner added, "There's something magical about a wagon, isn't there?" Yes, and there's something magical about passionate, committed citizen-activists equipped with Webb Wagons and other homemade products of their creativity and enthusiasm. People pick up on this kind of enthusiasm in a way that they never would through a traditional mailing or the 500th TV ad you've seen about Candidate X. A Webb Wagon is far more memorable.
Overall, I'd say that Susan was one of the most important leaders in Jim Webb's 10,000-strong "ragtag army" of grassroots volunteers. Hard working. Personable. Organized. Motivated. Passionate. Articulate. Smart. Great to work with. Progressive. What else could you want from a Democratic activist?

In addition to her work helping Jim Webb defeat George Allen for U.S. Senate in 2006, Susan also served as a DNC "50-state organizer"/"Deputy Political Director" in the Hampton Roads area for two years. By all accounts, Susan did an excellent, highly professional job for the Democratic Party.

Last spring, Susan worked for Terry McAuliffe's gubernatorial campaign as South Hampton Roads Political Director. As if Susan didn't already know Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads area inside out, she gained even more expertise through her work on that campaign.

Given all that she's accomplished and all that she's contributed to the Democratic Party the past few years, I can't think of anyone better than Susan Mariner to be the new chair of the Virginia Beach Democratic Committee. I urge everyone to vote for her tonight - go Susan!