President Obama: "Martin Luther King and the Challenges of a New Age"

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The full transcript of this powerful, moving speech is here. It's well worth reading. I also recommend this Daily Kos diary; here's an excerpt:
Where other President's try to present an all-knowing facade, this President admits he doesn't have all the answers.

Where some try to pretend that the criticism doesn't hurt (or is not even heard), this President tells us that he is not immune to all the barbs thrown his way.

In a culture where admitting mistakes is frowned upon, President Obama willingly steps to the mic to admit in real time the errors made by the government and accepts HIS responsibility for the failures.

What I saw was a man who is happiest when he is working towards a solution, not just pontificating about the problem.

A man who has taken the hopes of the world on his shoulders, knowing that he is an imperfect vessel for such a burden, but willing to do what he can anyway.

I saw a real man in the real world being real with the American people.

And I just wanted to say thanks for trying.

Thanks for not being afraid to fail.

Thanks for accepting the responsibility, the scorn, the heartache.

Thanks for being willing to listen to our complaints . . . thanks for telling us what you really think and not just what we want to hear.

It may not be change everyone believes in . . . but it is the change we need.