Pat Herrity to Announce for Congress Today?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

According to Red NOVA, "Sources (plural) are telling me that Supervisor Pat Herrity will be running for Congress in 2010, with an announcement coming either today or tomorrow." If true, Herrity will be competing for the nomination against 2008 Republican nominee Keith Fimian, who lost to Gerry Connolly 55%-43%.

Who would win a Fimian-Herrity contest? It's hard to say, but according to Red NOVA, "whether or not the nomination is a primary or convention will determine the nominee," with a primary favoring Fimian and a convention favoring Herrity. That decision apparently will be made "sometime next week."

Other than that, I'll be watching this to see whether it remains civil or gets super-nasty. If the latter, it would almost certainly benefit Gerry Connolly. But first things first, let's see if Herrity really throws his hat in the ring and whether Fimian keeps his vow not to bow out.