Marsden 11,943-Hunt 11,626

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Map courtesy of VPAP

I'll report the results from tonight's 37th State Senate district special election as they are displayed on the Fairfax County elections site and compare to the 2007 Oleszek-Cuccinelli results in the district.

Centre Ridge precinct (went 349-330 for Janet Oleszek in 2007): Marsden 189-Hunt 172
Bonnie Brae (went 505-294 for Oleszek): Marsden 287-Hunt 212
Greenbriar East (went 419-361 for Oleszek): Hunt 222-Marsden 203
London Town East (went 186-167 for Oleszek): Marsden 107-Hunt 107
Sideburn (went 680-663 for Cuccinelli): Hunt 481-Marsden 444
Centreville (went 489-419 for Oleszek): Marsden 315-Hunt 271
Cherry Run (went 526-519 for Cuccinelli): Marsden 398-Hunt 364
Valley (went 502-501 for Oleszek): Hunt 309-Marsden 288
Poplar Tree (went 565-395 for Cuccinelli): Hunt 291-Marsden 257
Old Mill (went 289-288 for Oleszek): Marsden 150-Hunt 128
London Town West (went 308-209 for Oleszek): Marsden 184-Hunt 105
Bull Run (went 539-286 for Cuccinelli): Hunt 322-Marsden 166
Green Trails (went 523-482 for Oleszek): Hunt 295-Marsden 265
Fair Lakes (went 420-409 for Cuccinelli): Hunt 251-Marsden 236
Willow Springs (went 649-631 for Cuccinelli): Hunt417-Marsden348
Centerpointe (went 324-251 for Oleszek): Marsden 213-Hunt 132
Monument (went 428-304 for Oleszek): Marsden172-Hunt 131
Terra Centre (went 491-349 for Oleszek): Marsden 346-Hunt 241
Burke Centre (went 745-519 for Oleszek): Marsden 535-Hunt 388
Parkway (went 436-405 for Oleszek): Marsden 326-Hunt 251
South Run (went 238-236 for Cuccinelli): Hunt 187-Marsden 141
Brookfield (went 498-466 for Oleszek): Marsden 276-Hunt 247
Stone (went 459-437 for Cuccinelli): Hunt 259-Marsden 240
Powell (went 338-290 for Oleszek): 174 Oleszek-143 Hunt
Pohick (went 643-586 for Oleszek): Marsden476-Hunt 394
Eagle View: Hunt 227-Marsden 213
Greenbriar West (went 453-350 for Cuccinelli): 281 Hunt-Marsden 222
Fair Oaks: Marsden 65-Hunt 51
Popes Head (went 793-503 for Cuccinelli): Hunt 545-Marsden 322
Orange (went 802-735 for Cuccinelli): Hunt 562-Marsden 524
Sangster (went 468-417 for Cuccinelli): Hunt 346-Marsden 317
White Oaks (went 506-425 for Oleszek): Marsden 377-Hunt 268
Dulles (went 327-233 for Cuccinelli): Hunt 185-Marsden 118
Rocky Run (went 723-593 for Cuccinelli): Hunt 449-Marsden 370
Burke (went 680-531 for Oleszek): 456 Marsden-Hunt 334
Virginia Run (went 584-364 for Cuccinelli): Hunt 382-Marsden 209
Deer Park (went 650-440 for Cuccinelli): Hunt 432-Marsden 272
Fairview (went 837-716 for Oleszek): Marsden 603-Hunt 477
Cub Run (went 628-566 for Cuccinelli): Hunt 370-Marsden 339

UPDATE: It looks like Dave Marsden is the next State Senator from the 37th District (by a vote of 11,943-11,626) and that Democrats are now up 22-18 in the State Senate. Bob McDonnell can't be happy right now!

UPDATE #2: Just in case you're interested, the results in the 8th Senate district special election were as expected, Jeff McWaters 78.6%-Bill Fleming 21.3%.

UPDATE #3: Marsden claims victory.
(FAIRFAX STATION, VA) Dave Marsden won the hard-fought contest for the 37th District Special Election tonight. Marsden pledged to keep focusing on what’s critical for Fairfax County: tax relief for middle class families, helping our small businesses grow jobs, and protecting Fairfax County’s world class schools.

“I am honored by the great responsibility the voters of Fairfax have given me tonight,” said Marsden. “I want to thank everyone who took the time to come out and vote in this critical special election, and I especially want to thank the hundreds of volunteers working through the cold for me today and the thousands who voted for me. Tomorrow, I head to Richmond to tackle Fairfax’s problems head on. I look forward to working with my new colleagues in the Senate to ensure we keep fighting for small businesses, we keep education funding strong for Fairfax, and we responsibly balance the budget to move Virginia forward.”

Marsden will be sworn in tomorrow in Richmond to begin the 2010 legislative session.

UPDATE #4: Dick Cranwell says, "I congratulate Senator-elect Marsden on his victory tonight. This victory in Attorney General-elect Cuccinelli's seat sends a clear message: Virginians want moderate, bipartisan leadership that keeps our Commonwealth the best state to do business and the best state to raise a child."

UPDATE #5: Turnout was 23,590, or 19.41% of active voters. In the 2007 general election in the 37th District, turnout was 32.03%.

UPDATE #6: Bob McDonnell issues a statement.
I want to congratulate Delegate Dave Marsden on his victory tonight. I look forward to continuing to work with him in the years ahead in his new capacity. In these tough economic times, Virginians need leaders in Richmond who will work together to create new jobs and more opportunities. While we may not agree on every issue, I know that Dave and I share a commitment to making this a better Virginia for all our citizens.

I also want to thank, and congratulate, Steve Hunt for the positive, idea-driven campaign he ran. Steve is a longtime advocate for the citizens of Fairfax County and I know he will continue to play an important role in the public life of Northern Virginia for years to come.