Looking for Unemployment Benefits in Virginia? Look Elsewhere.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Since being laid off on January 1st, I've been attempting to fill out the Virginia State unemployment forms online while I look for a new job. However, once I arrive at the section to enter my banking data, I inevitably receive the above message (click to enlarge) stating " We cannot submit your transaction at this time. Please try again later. " and can proceed no farther. There is also no phone number or email address listed to contact for assistance for this issue, and I have been trying to submit the forms since Friday morning. As someone who works (make that worked) in I.T. and at a website hosting company, I would say I'm a fairly advanced user and if I can't figure this out, imagine how others who are not technology experts are doing.

At a time when so many people are out of work and forced to turn to unemployment from the state until they can find a job, the last thing people need to deal with is a state website that appears to be unable to process new claims.

UPDATE: I just tried to log in and complete the form again, but now it appears the entire site is down. I checked one of my favorite Internet tools which also indicates the site is down: