Devolites Davis, Drake Join McDonnell Administration

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The McDonnell administration adds several more members, including "former Rep. Thelma Drake, R-2nd, as director of the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation" and "former state Sen. Jeannemarie Davis as director of the Virginia Liaison Office in Washington."

As far as Drake is concerned, my main question is why someone with no apparent expertise on rail or public transportation would be appointed to that job. Of course, given that McDonnell has almost no hope of finding any transportation money, the fact that Drake knows nothing shouldn't really be much of a hindrance in that job.

With regard to Devolites Davis, I think the Virginia Liaison Office job is perfect for her. Why? Read this article ("Wife, Friend Tie Congressman to Consulting Firm: Company's Clients Say They Get Access to Va. Republican") and find out.

Man, this is really going to be a long four years.