Leaving His "Marc" -- On Scott Robinson

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I now understand why former Stafford County Democratic Committee Chair (and current DVPA Central Committee member) Marc Broklawski calls his blog "Leaving My Marc". In the case of this blog post, Marc definitely leaves a "mark" - on 1st CD Democratic candidate Scott Robinson. Ouch!
Scott’s campaign has regularly shown a total disconnect from reality and regularly takes a very simplistic view of things, which in and of itself should provide many a reason to pause. Scott actually goes on to explain that he has a very “simple” plan to cut into margins and win in November...

Scott’s entire plan, if you listen to everything he has to say, relies on people voting for him because of where he is from, what he did as a child as a waterman and the fact that veterans will vote for a veteran. This sort of strategy may win you a popularity contest, but no way is this going to win you an election. An election is won on ideas and a successful campaign strategy. Both of which is severely lacking from his campaign.

The opposite can be said about Krystal and her campaign...
Exactly right. On issue after issue, while Krystal Ball has shown "crystal" clear understanding and offered specific solutions, Scott Robinson has either punted, evaded, hedged, obfuscated, or claimed he needed to wait for another "study" of the issue. And when Robinson has answered the questions, the results have been nothing short of disastrous.

Just to take one example, since this one really bothers me, Robinson's solution to U.S. energy and environmental challenges is - incredibly - breeder reactors (!!!), which the International Panel on Fissile Materials describes as "expensive to build, complex to operate, susceptible to prolonged shutdown as a result of even minor malfunctions, and difficult and time-consuming to repair." Or, as Princeton University Professor Frank von Hippel puts it, "The breeder reactor dream is not dead but it has receded far into the future." Yet, but incomprehensibly, this "far into the future" boondoggle is Scott Robinson's energy plan for America. All I have to say, as someone who worked for 17 years at the Energy Department, is "wow." Just "wow."

Actually, "just wow" is about all I have to say for Scott Robinson's "argument" regarding why he's supposedly the most "electable" in the 1st CD. I mean, seriously, this doesn't even deserve a minute of our time, except to say that if simply being ex-military were enough to get you elected, then former Navy Commander Carlos del Toro would be in the House of Delegates right now (was would former Air Force Major John Bell) and Iraq War Veteran Phil Forgit or former Navy Captain Ted Hontz - not Rob Wittman - would be in Congress.

Yes, decorated combat veteran Jim Webb was elected to the US Senate in 2006, but that wasn't just because of his tremendous military background, it was also because Webb's an accomplished, multi-talented guy with intellectual firepower on a wide range of topics (ranging from "economic fairness and social justice" to criminal justice reform to reorienting our foreign policy to...on and on we go) and the ability to inspire thousands of people to rally to his cause. Unfortunately, as much as Scott Robinson might want to kid himself that he's some sort of Jim Webb, he's not. In any way. And I say this as the guy who "drafted" Webb and who served as his netroots coordinator. The deal is that it takes a combination of compelling personal narrative and a strong political narrative to win elections. Webb had that. Krystal Ball has it too, in a different way. Scott Robinson? Not so much.

UPDATE: Krystal Ball just sent out the following email. Happy birthday Ella! :)
Tomorrow Krystal’s daughter Ella is turning 2! As many of you know, Krystal decided to run for Congress after Ella was born, as she became more and more concerned about the current state of the country our children are going to grow-up in.

Krystal understands that investing in our children when they are young is the best way to ensure a bright future for them and for our country.

Krystal is so confident that you agree, she bet me that 200 people will contribute in honor of Ella by tomorrow to ensure there are more mothers in Congress fighting for our children.

Make a contribution today of $2, $22, $222 or whatever you can afford!

Our deal is simple; as soon as Krystal reaches 200 individual contributions, whether today or tomorrow, she’s free to get out of the office to spend Ella’s birthday with her family.

Prove Krystal is right! Contribute $2, $22, $222 or whatever you can afford to send Krystal home for Ella’s birthday!

I know Krystal, Ella and her husband Jonathan thank you in advance.

Rebekah Walker
Krystal Ball for Congress

P.S. You can help make Ella’s 2nd birthday a great one, contribute $2, $22, or $222 now!