Cato Institute's Bizarre, Vulgar Attack on Health Reform

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Am I really seeing this? Check out this disgusting tweet from the Cato Institute's Michael Cannon:

Does Cato agree with Cannon's vulgar language? Just an hour earlier, Cato was plugging Cannon's podcast:

I'd hope an immediate apology is coming from Cato.

UPDATE 1:31pm: Cannon first tweeted in response, "Oh, please. My feed is not a Cato operation," then immediately followed with "Tell you what. I'll delete & post a rewrite that'll assuage your delicate sensibilities." He's also added "opinions expressed here are my own" to his Twitter bio, yet still uses his Cato title & links to his Cato page.

UPDATE 3:38 pm (by Lowell): Media Matters has more about "what happens when you have no substantive arguments."