Catherine "Bullet Box" Crabill To Take On Rob Wittman?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This is great news. If you're a Democrat who wants to unseat Rob Wittman, that is! :)

More insanity from Catherine "Bullet Box" Crabill's Facebook page:

*"I stand with Dr. Dobson."
*"Go Bob Marshall! You're my hero!"
""Thank God for Delegate Bob Marshall! A hero for life and liberty!"
*"Still standing in support of Delegate Bob Marshall who has been misquoted and eviscerted by the wicked media and his own pathetic party. Where's the loyalty to a hero of liberty and life? Shame on McDonnell, et al."
*"Not so shocking considering Obama is a Marxist/Communist/Whatever..."
*"More "global warming" troubles as insidious lies give way to the liberating truth...."
*"Can we 'Wish Away' Al Gore? He can't afford to give this lie up because it will cost him millions...or more!"
*"I was made aware of a newly forming “resistence” movement to the Tea Party called the Coffee Party. You can search facebook to find it. SOme of the “stickers” I saw posted there were promoting anarchy. I don’t doubt that many mislead young Americans will be drawn to this organization and that they may be encouraged and enflamed by those on the left that see them as useful idiots. This is a spiritual battle for the minds and hearts of our country and our countrymen. Prayer is the weapon of choice, coupled with activism. My prayer is that God would reveal the plans of the wicked who are bent on destroying this great and glorious land and give us the wisdom and courage to know how to respond within the rule of Law as per our inspired Constitution."
*"Beware the nationalization of Student Loan! Contact your senators!"

I'll tell you, the next few months could really be entertaining in Virginia's 1st CD.

P.S. Go Krystal!