Scientists: Evidence for Human-Caused Global Warming "much stronger than previously stated"

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Once again, the global warming "skeptics" -- mostly paid for (or duped by) by the fossil fuel and fossil-fuel-intensive manufacturing industries -- have been proven wrong.
The evidence that human activity is causing global warming is much stronger than previously stated and is found in all parts of the world, according to a study that attempts to refute claims from sceptics.

The “fingerprints” of human influence on the climate can be detected not only in rising temperatures but also in the saltiness of the oceans, rising humidity, changes in rainfall and the shrinking of Arctic Sea ice at the rate of 600,000 sq km a decade.

The study, by senior scientists from the Met Office Hadley Centre, Edinburgh University, Melbourne University and Victoria University in Canada, concluded that there was an “increasingly remote possibility” that the sceptics were right that human activities were having no discernible impact. There was a less than 5 per cent likelihood that natural variations in climate were responsible for the changes.

The study said that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) had understated mankind’s overall contribution to climate change...
As DarkSyde at Daily Kos writes, "There is no substantial scientific controversy on evolution or climate change, just as there's no controversy in general over dozens of other political items outside of science, like the use of reconciliation. But that doesn't stop conservatives from lying every which way about them."

Other than conservatives lying - what else is new on that front? - we've also got the American Petroleum Industry and other well-financed interests buying off our politicians and running millions of dollars in propaganda disinformation ads that attempt to muddy the science, confuse people, and ultimately delay or head off our government responding to the climate crisis by placing a price on greenhouse gas emissions. So far, unfortunately, money and ignorance appear to be winning out over science and reason. And, so far at least, mankind appears to be failing one of the biggest tests it's ever been up against - heading off horrendous damage to the only home we've got.