Sexually Harass Male Staffer, Become "conservative media hero"

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This says it all about conservatives' desperation to attack Barack Obama on health care or anything else.
He’s spent only 431 days in Congress, has never seen any of his bills pass out of subcommittee and was best known for voting against major pieces of legislation because they weren’t liberal enough for him — at least until he was accused of sexually harassing a male staffer.

Meet Eric Massa, conservative media hero.


Rush Limbaugh vowed to make a “national story” out of Massa’s claims that Democrats orchestrated his downfall because he voted no on health care reform...

...And Glenn Beck took to Twitter to announce that he’d have Massa on his show for “the full hour” Tuesday because “all Americans need to hear him.”
Huh? "All Americans need to hear" someone accused of sexually harassing a male staffer? On the other hand, why would that stop the likes of Rush "Barack the Magic Negro" Limbaugh and Glenn "I'm on the verge of moral collapse at any time" Beck? Apparently, this kind of thing just encourages them.

At least one right wingnut appears to have a bit of sense about this Eric "what I really ought to be doing is fracking you" Massa business -- Michelle "In Defense of Internment" Malkin, of all people.
Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin warned her readers not to be fooled by a “weapon of Massa distraction.”

“He’s been a progressive zealot and political opportunist his entire career,” Malkin wrote Monday afternoon. “He’s claimed conspiracy before, is intimately bonded with the nutroots and climbed the political ladder with backing from the odious, anti-war-hoaxer-embracing Gen. Wesley Clark. What Massa dismissively calls his ‘salty old sailor’ talk should raise bright-red flags about possible long-standing predatory behavior.”
Sorry, Michelle, but apparently "long-standing predatory behavior" is a good thing among most of your fellow members of the conservative punditocracy. At least among the homophobic male members.

P.S. I agree with BarbinMD at Daily Kos, that "Rarely in the annals of politics, has someone fallen so fast" as Eric Massa, and that "One can only hope that this will be rock bottom for [him]." Very sad.

UPDATE: Mo Elleithee weighs in.
If the right wing wants to embrace a guy who is accused of sexual harassment and ADMITS to a pattern of inappropriate behavior dating back to his days in the Navy, I say have at it. It just further underscores that they have no productive vision for our nation. Massa may be good for their ratings, but his bizarre rants certainly aren’t adding anything to the national dialogue. The more he speaks out, the more he solidifies his position as the kookiest ex-congressman in America. Given that, Glenn Beck may just be the PERFECT platform for him.