Eric Cantor: Weasel Words and Lies

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Watch this video and see for yourself as Eric Cantor demonstrates that the only two things he's got in his arsenal are weasel words and lies.

On the "weasel words" front, observe as Cantor tries to have it every which way with regard to Eric Massa. Cantor won't denounce fellow Republicans for attempting to twist a man's personal and professional meltdown into some kind of negative commentary on health care reform. At the same time, Massa leaves the door open to deep dark conspiracy theories, with the nonsense that he's just getting the news like everyone else (suuuuure) and that he really doesn't know the answer to why Massa resigned (even though Massa himself admitted he hadn't been pressured to resign and Steny Hoyer said point blank, on the same show as Cantor, that Massa hadn't been pressured).

On the "lies" front, listen to Cantor's whopper about how Democrats are "short-circuiting the rules" on health care reform legislation, even though he knows full well that this is false. In fact, health reform legislation has already passed the House and Senate, in the latter case with a "supermajority" of 60 votes. Now, the two Houses are doing what always happens with legislation when there's a Senate version and a House version - the two chambers negotiate differences and vote on a final bill, or one chamber simply votes to adopt the other chamber's legislation. This is exactly how bills become laws, as anyone who's ever taken a civics class knows. Either Eric Cantor skipped civics, or he's lying and he knows he's lying. Of course, this is the same guy who has spent the past year spewing out disinformation to the American people about "government takeover of health care" and other rubbish (e.g, that the stimulus isn't working, even though almost every economist says it's working exactly as designed), so what else can we expect? It's sad, though, that a formerly great American political party has been reduced to this.