Crazy vs. Crazier: Who's Craziest?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Daily Beast writes:
Well now. The much-anticipated sit-down between Glenn Beck and Eric Massa got off to a weird start Tuesday, as the contrite-but-not-really former Rep. Massa offered to slit his wrists on camera, then whipped out a visual aid to show how a Navy ceremony might, out of context, "look like an orgy in Caligula."

Alrighty, then. Meanwhile, reports on the conclusion of this bizarre moment in Idiot Box Boob-itude.
By the end, however, a frustrated Beck clearly had heard enough of Massa's vague and shopworn complaints--he depicted the whip system in Congress as corruption--and his lack of any real evidence to back up his public charges. Turning directly to the camera to address his viewers, Beck confessed, "I think I've wasted an hour of your time." It was one of the most honest moments I have ever seen on television.

It's hard to out-crazy Glenn Beck, whose show is sponsored by the Yoshi Knife, and gold brokers running ads featuring Gordon Liddy and the dude Matt Damon chumped down in the famous bar scene from Good Will Hunting. But this afternoon, Massa did just that.
In sum, what we had here today was "crazy" vs. "crazier," with the only question being "who's craziest?" That's one tough call.