"Draft Bill Halter" Effort Succeeds

Monday, March 1, 2010

Congratulations to everyone who was involved in the effort to "Draft" Arkansas Lt. Governor Bill Halter to primary Sen. Blanche Lincoln (Corporate Shill - AR). In particular, great work by David Wayne McAvoy II, the leader of the "Draft Bill Halter" movement. As someone who co-founded a "Draft" movement myself - to persuade Jim Webb to run for Senate and then help elect him - and as someone who thinks Blanche Lincoln represents everything wrong with American politics, I am extremely happy to see David McAvoy et al. succeed in their efforts. If you want to learn more about Halter or help him out, click here. The bottom line is that Blanche Lincoln has pissed everybody off and is going to lose regardless, so supporting Halter is a great chance to stand up for progressive rather than corporatist values. Also, he sounds like an excellent candidate in his own right. This should be fun!