Donald McEachin Makes The Rachel Maddow Show

Monday, March 1, 2010

Rachel Maddow writes:
... This is not really about big government versus small government, regulation versus the free market. Not when politicians like State Delegate Bob Marshall call disabled kids God's punishment for abortions. Or when Senator Mark Obenshain stoops to a pedophilia argument in a debate over McEachin's civil rights bill, which you can see in the clip above. No, this is about whether America will remain a nation where church and state are separate. Virginia's just the latest place we're trying to figure that out.
Thank you to Donald McEachin for standing up to bigots like Mark Obenshain. By the way, what is it with Mark Obenshain and his bizarre (sick? demented?) obsession with the "North American Man-Boy Love Association?" Can we say "he's got issues?"