Video: Sen. Mark Warner Rips the "stupidity of sequestration;" Urges Budget Negotations "Now"

Friday, September 4, 2015

I have had my issues with Sen. Mark Warner, but in the last 24 hours, he's really nailed it on two important fronts: 1) the Iran nuclear deal, which he announced he'd be supporting (thank you!); and 2) his warning about the "stupidity of sequestration" continuing another year, and the need for serious budget negotiations starting immediately. On both these counts, I'm with Mark Warner 100%. Actuallly, add item #3: his work on rethinking the employer-employee relationship given the rise of the "gig economy." Good stuff.

lowkell :: Video: Sen. Mark Warner Rips the "stupidity of sequestration;" Urges Budget Negotations "Now"
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Your interpretation, Lowell? (0.00 / 0[delete comment]
Have these good things he's done changed your perception of who he is and what he's trying to accomplish? Or are these the result of the same kind of calculations that have led him to do the things you have not liked? An inquiring mind would like to know.

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On Iran it's hard to say (0.00 / 0[delete comment]
as I can see political arguments in either direction. So maybe he truly studied the agreement/got briefings/etc. and made up his mind on the merits?As for the "gig economy, that seems like something Warner would be drawn to naturally based on his background and interests. Possible political upside; not much political downside that I can see.
Finally, on the budget/sequestration issue, that's a no-brainer on both policy AND political grounds for a U.S. Senator (or governor or representative) from Virginia...

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That's worth a discussion (0.00 / 0[delete comment]
I think that Virginia's changing demographics make the importance of the Southwest increasingly less important, and the growth of the NoVA suburbs increasingly more important, to Democrats running statewide, i.e., Virginia Democrats are looking more like other Northeastern Democrats, and Warner's near-death experience in 2014(!) has brought, perhaps, an epiphany of sorts.For me, had Warner voted against the UNSC Resolution on Iran, I would have been looking for a primary challenger for him in 2020.