Video: Dave Brat, Jim Gilmore Join Anti-Iran Hysteria, Ignorance at Tea Party Rally

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fair warning: if you watch either or both of the following two videos - of Virginia's own Rep. Dave Brat (Tea Party "R") and former Gov. Jim Gilmore (hey, he finally showed up somewhere!), you will feel significantly "more stupider" than before you watched. With Brat, I'd love to see a serious fact check of his speech, because I'm confident that most of it rates at least 2-3 "Pinocchios" if not more. In short, it's a bunch of hysteria, ignorance, and just general craziness (the usual from this Ayn Rand-worshipping "economist"). As for Gilmore, this is the guy who's only significant "idea" in his political career was the gimmick of eliminating the car tax (which he didn't even manage to do, by the way), and now he's supposed to be a foreign policy/nuclear proliferation/Iran expert? As I said, if you watch either Brat or Gilmore, you will be much "more stupider" as a result. Your blood pressure also might increase to dangerously elevated levels. With that...enjoy! LOL